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Dashboard is a place were you can find general information on your campaigns' performance. It allows you to take a quick overall view into your data without going into too much detail.

After reading this article you should know what data you can view in the dashboard panel and how to change basic viewing options.

Table of Contents

The most basic report can be found in the Dashboard tab in Voluum. This is your default home screen after signing in to Voluum. You can always go to this main view by clicking the Dashboard tab.


Dashboard is divided into three sections: Basic indicators, Performance and Chart.

Basic Indicators

The top row shows the basic indicators. They are the sum of values for each running campaign for the selected time period. The are the following basic indicators visible:

  • Visits: Shows how many times visitors have clicked on your ad.

  • Clicks: Shows how many times visitors have clicked on your offer.


    Voluum Note: Clicks are only recorded if you have set up a lander in your campaign funnel. If you do not use the lander, there will be "0".

  • Conversions: Shows how many times visitors have converted

  • Revenue: Shows your total revenue

  • Cost: Shows your total costs (visible only if you have chosen to track costs)

  • Profit: Shows your profit according to the formula: Profit = Revenue - Cost

  • ROI (%): Shows the percentage of the money you earned as a fraction of the money you have invested according to the formula: ROI = (Revenue - Cost) \ Cost * 100%


The table on the left-hand side of the screen shows you top 5 best and worst performing elements. You can change Sorting direction and Sorting criteria for different campaign elements and categories:

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