Custom Notifications

Voluum allows you to keep track of your key campaigns metrics by creating custom notifications. Set them up to get alerted whenever important events within your offers and campaigns happen.

Custom notifications are created as logical sentences. You set your rules and add conditions. Once they are met, our system generates a notification and sends it to your desktop and mobile. You can define up to 50 custom notification rules.

There are two ways to start creating a custom notification:

  • From the custom notifications list: The custom notifications list is available after navigating to the Inbox or notification preferences. Once you get there, go to the Custom notifications tab and click the Create new button.

  • From a global report for campaigns or offers: You can create a custom notification based on a currently selected campaign or offer element. To do so, select one or more campaign or offer elements by clicking it or them and click the Notify me button.


Both ways will guide you to the New custom notification pop-up window. Read the instructions below to learn how to set up options there:

  1. In the New custom notification provide a name of your custom notification into the Name text field.

  2. Select a type of element from the Entity drop-down menu. You can select the following types of elements:

    • Campaign

    • Offer

  3. Select the concrete element or elements from the drop-down menu that this notification will apply to. You can select up to 20 elements within one notification.

  4. Select a logical condition type from the drop-down menu. You can select the following conditions:

    • Recorded more

    • Recorded less

  5. Select event or metric type that will be your indicator. You can select the following indicators:

  6. Provide a threshold value of your indicator into the text field.

  7. (Optional) You can add additional conditions by clicking the Add button. The notification will only be generated when all conditions are met.

  8. Select a time range that this logical condition will be applied to from the within drop-down menu. You can select the following time ranges:

    • 1 hour

    • 3 hours

    • 12 hours

    • 1 day

    • 2 days

  9. Select a notification type. You can select the following types:

    • Push

    • Email


      Pricing plan availability

      Email notifications are available on VIP pricing plans.

  10. Click the Save button.


Your custom notification has been created.

How Do Custom Notifications Work

Voluum performs regular checks of your data against the criteria set in the rule within the selected time range. The time range is dynamic, meaning that it changes with every check.

Consider the following example:

You create a custom notification at 2 P.M. In this notification you select the 1-day time range. After a short amount of time, Voluum will perform check to see if a condition set in this rule has been met between 2 P.M. yesterday and 2 P.M. today. If yes, then a notification will be generated. If not, Voluum will keep performing checks every short amount of time rounding up to the last full hour. After 3 P.M. it will check if a condition has been met between 3 P.M. yesterday and 3 P.M. today and so on. A notification will be generated only if a condition is met in a time range that ends at the current time.

Voluum also makes sure that it will not notify you about the same event twice. When performing checks it will wait until conditions have been met uniquely within the selected time range.

Consider the following example:

You create a custom notification with a rule that will be met when your campaign exceeds 30% ROI within 1-day range. After some time Voluum detects that your campaign has hit this mark between 3 P.M. yesterday and 3 P.M. today. Voluum takes note of that and generates a notification. If this condition is met again during a second check, Voluum will not generate another notification and it will continue not doing so until this condition is not met. From this moment everything starts from the beginning, if a condition is met again, Voluum will generate a new notification.