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Common Reasons for No DSP Traffic

Voluum DSP DSP Campaign Optimization

If you noticed that your campaign is not bidding, please check the following settings.


  1. DSP credit - please check that you have not run out of budget. Your DSP credit amount is visible on the top right corner of the Voluum panel.

  2. Total and Daily budget - check if the total and daily budget for the campaign has not been reached. Extend the time and date on your Voluum panel and compare the cost with the amounts specified by you in BASICS section of your campaign.If your campaign stopped bidding on one specific ad exchange, please check max daily spend per ad exchange accordingly.

General setup

  1. Campaign status - it may happen that your campaign is paused or rejected. Remember that if you modify destination URL, anything within the flow or you modify all the creatives at once, your campaign will be pending again (not bidding), unless it gets approved by our Compliance team.

  2. Start and end dates - check the start and end dates of your campaign. It frequently happens that the end date of your campaign has passed.

  3. Day Parting - check if your campaign is not being restricted by the Day Parting feature. Remember: day parting works according to the time zone set up in your campaign.

  4. Bid - check the internal bids and total bids columns. If you are not winning any impressions and there are internal bids and total bids recorded, it means your bid is too low.

  5. Additional approval - the other explanation of having internal bids and total bids recorded without one single impression is that few of the ad exchanges we work with must also approve campaigns on their side. In case your campaign is approved by us, but it is rejected or not yet approved by the ad exchange itself, you may see it bidding but not winning any impression. Contact your Dedicated Account Manager or our Customer Success Team.

  6. Creatives - some ad exchanges require and accept only exact size of creatives. If you need more info, check the requirements of the ad exchanges targeted in your campaign in the Creatives Requirements for Native Campaigns article. If the sizes of creatives do not match the requirements sent in the bid requests, the campaign will not run.


If there are no internal bids and total bids recorded, it means that your targeting is too narrow and it does not match inventory we receive. We would advise you to double check traffic volumes available for specific targeting elements in our Planning tool (DSP tab in Voluum panel).

  1. Traffic volumes - check if the targeted ad exchange has traffic with all the targeting conditions you selected: ad type (native / banner), source type, device type, operating system, connection type. Please take into consideration also all the bid adjustments / pausing. For example, it may happen that you are targeting sites but the ad exchange offers only in-app traffic.

  2. Whitelist / Blacklist - if you have whitelist uploaded, please check whether these placements are available on the targeted ad exchanges and geos. Additionally, please make sure you have not paused the ad exchange that was the main source of the whitelisted placements.

    In case of blacklist, please check if it does not exclude the main part of the traffic you receive, taking into consideration possible low volumes of traffic on some less common geos and other targeting conditions.

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