Frequency capping is a feature that limits the maximum number of ad impressions, which appear to a single user within a specific period of time. The feature is enabled to place the individual restrictions and can be found in a campaign creation form, in the Optimization tab.

Frequency Capping

Frequency capping is set per device. Various device identifiers (a unique device ID for mobile, and an IP address and User Agent data for desktop) are used in order to identify a user’s device.

It is now possible to decide between advertising capping frequency on the campaign level vs on the creative level.

What does it mean? Here is the example:

When campaign contains 3 active creatives:

  • With CAMPAIGN frequency capping set to 3 per Day - Your ad will be shown max 3 times per day on a single device; you don’t specify which creatives will be displayed and how many times. This option is good for campaigns with lower budgets to slow down the spend.

  • With CREATIVE frequency capping set to 3 per Day - Your ad will be shown max 9 times per day on a single device and each creative will be displayed max 3 times per day. This option is good for split testing and searching for best performing creatives.


When selecting the time period for your capping, you can choose between a Day, 12 hours, 6 hours and 3 hours. Remember that you are able to select the time period only when creating a campaign. Once you save a new campaign you will not be able to edit the capping time period.



Voluum DSP Note: If you want to change the capping time period in an already existing campaign, you need to duplicate it and change the time period in this new campaign.

Impression Capping per Widget

Impression capping per widget allows choosing the number of ads that can be displayed in a specific native widget at once.


Both web and in-app native widgets may contain several ad placements and display a couple of ads at the same time, one ad per single ad placement. When setting Impressions per widget to 1, you bid on one ad placement of native widget, which means the user will see your ad in one placement of this widget at once.