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Voluum's interface introduces a new level of functionality, without compromising simplicity. It makes things easier to spot and reach. All the buttons, knobs and menus are always at your fingertips to make your work efficient and easy. You are always only a few clicks away from the option you need.

Familiarize yourself with Voluum's look to make the most of your daily work.

Find Out What Can You Do in Our Sophisticated Campaign and Flow Interface

Add elements from within new campaign form without the need to go outside.

✔ Convert already existing flows to paths to customize the flow destination for a given campaign

Save newly configured rule-based and default paths as a flow in the campaign's form

Duplicate the already configured path to speed up the process of adding new paths to the flow / campaign

Search to quickly find landers / offers / timezones from the drop-down menus

✔ Access to the lander’s / offer’s details in one form; now, you can easily edit, duplicate, and remove the lander / offer directly while setting up the campaign / flow

✔ Load an existing flow in Voluum as a template of predefined campaign destination paths (flow template) for further editing

✔ Display campaigns where a given flow is used

Select default campaign tab to quickly go to the place you need


Dynamically Adjust Forms To Suit Your Preferences

Use full-window view for clearer view or reduce window to the right hand side of the screen to have access to your current tab while editing a form.


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