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Amazon Web Services: Adding CNAME record

  1. Purchase your domain from and sign into your account.

  2. Go to the Services tab.

  3. Go to the Networking & Content Delivery card and select the Route 53 or search "Route 53" in the search field and select it.

  4. Select the Hosted Zones.

  5. Select your custom domain from the list.

  6. Click the amazon_creat_record_set_button.png button.

  7. Select the CNAME - Canonical name from the Type drop-down menu.

  8. In the Name field provide your custom subdomain name, "track" in this example.

  9. Copy the name of your domain name from Voluum and provide it in the Value field.


    Voluum Note: Currently, depending on the setup, you need to add either one CNAME record pointing to your dedicated domain (old setup) or two CNAME records pointing to Cloudfront records. Follow the in-panel instructions regarding which CNAME records to set up.

  10. Provide the lowest TTL (Time to live, i.e. time to propagate all changes through network) value in seconds, "60" in this example, for faster DNS changes propagation.

  11. Click the amazon_create_button.png button.

  12. You have added the new CNAME record.