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Audiences in DSP Campaigns

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Retargeting option in the DSP allows you to display ads to audience who already engaged with your campaigns: viewed the ad, visited the landing page or converted. For example, a campaign using retargeting lists can reach the audience who has already seen the offer in other campaign but haven’t converted.


Voluum Note: Retargeting list creation is based on the mobile traffic, for which we can obtain the mobile device IDs (IFA/IDFA or AAID/GAID). This means that if you run traffic for both mobile and desktop in your campaign, the generated list will contain the mobile IDs only.

Retargeting List Creation

In order to start creating Retargeting list in your campaign, follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab. Click the New campaign button and choose the New DSP campaign from the drop-down menu or edit an existing campaign.

  2. The retargeting list creation can be found in the TARGETING section. Expand the ADVANCED Section and click on the Create retargeting list option. Next, tick the checkbox next to specific audience type, that you want to base your list on. The retargeting list will automatically be created during a campaign creation process.


    The audience types you can choose from to create a list are:

    • Viewers - the list will contain those, who saw the ad (an impression was recorded)

    • Visitors - the list will contain visitors, who visited the page, which means clicked on the ad and get to the lander/offer page (a visit was recorded).

    • Converters - the list will contain users, who not only saw the ad and clicked on it but also converted e.g. subscribed, download the app, purchased, etc. (a postback or pixel was fired).


    Voluum Note: You can choose one or multiple audiences types, when creating the retargeting list. When more than one option is ticked, multiple list will be created accordingly with the possibility to distinguish one type from another.

  3. If you want to view your lists, you can do so by entering the DSP planning tool (the DSP section), under the Audience segments tab. Created list will appear in the Planning tab, under Audiences section. Each list is created with the following name convention: Campaign Name - Type (Viewers, Visitors, or Converters) - Count.

Using retargeting lists for the retargeting purposes

Once this option is enabled in your campaign, you can use the created lists for targeting purposes in other campaigns.

Learn how to include or exclude list in a campaign by reading this step-by-step:

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab. Click on “New campaign” button and choose the “New DSP campaign” from the drop-down menu or edit an existing campaign.

  2. The Audiences section can be found in the TARGETING step. Expand the “ADVANCED” Section and click on the “Add audiences” option. Next, choose between two possible options:

    • Include - if you want to target those who previously engaged with your other offer.

    • Exclude - if you don't want to target this particular audience

  3. Choose the audience list, which you would like to include or exclude from your campaign.

  4. Follow up with the campaign setup and save your campaign.


Voluum Note: Using Retargeting list option has an impact on the amount of traffic you are bidding on.

Adding external lists to DSP panel

There is also a possibility to add external retargeting list, which can be used for the targeting purposes. You can do this within the campaign creation form or in the DSP tab.

  1. Go to the DSP tab. Click on the Device IDs section.

  2. Click on the “Add new” button. This will open a new window.

  3. Type a unique name.

  4. Click on the green “Select file to upload” button and upload .csv or .zip file (up to 16 MB). Files should have one of the following formats:

    • Single device IDs in separate rows

    • List of device IDs separated by a comma

  5. Save the list.


Voluum Note: External list can be used for the targeting purposes in the same way as automatically created retargeting list.