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One of the Voluum's campaign element is an affiliate network. The commonly known definition of the affiliate network says this is a platform that enables advertisers to get access to online offers through their own affiliate programs. When you start using Voluum, we assume that, if you participate in one of those affiliate network programs, you might know this definition. However, the Voluum's definition is a little bit different that this one commonly known.

The Voluum's understanding of adding the affiliate network element is that this is an optional step in the process of setting up Voluum's campaigns. From the perspective of the Voluum platform this functionality enables you to group offers by their particular source. This is useful for organizing offers that are proprietary offers. Or when you want to use some specific options such as whitelisting a range of IP addresses for postback requests that come from the affiliate network platform.

Once you have added the affiliate network element, you can select it in the offer's setup later on. The affiliate network's name will automatically show up in the name of the offer that you are creating in Voluum what also enhances the search functionality and allows you to easily find particular offers in global reports.


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