II. Ad Elements Requirements

Creating a native campaign in Voluum DSP requires you to prepare Ad Elements (creative and ad copy) according to Ad Exchange requirements. The campaign contains headlines, images, and descriptions. Below you can find information about accepted dimensions and number of characters in description per each Ad Exchange.

A Source Type

You can bid on in-feed or widget ad or both. Depending on the type of source, different elements of the ad will be required. The icon image should typically display the brand or logo of the promoted product / service.

Specifications of Ad Elements

The specifications for each ad exchange is listed below:


Voluum Tip: If creative has a headline max. 25 characters, main image is 1200x627px and icon image is 100x100px, it will work in 80% of ad exchanges.

  • Min. : The minimum size of the image. Note that the majority of exchanges will automatically resize your image based on their placement requirements, therefore it is highly recommended to use the largest size.

  • Max.: The maximum length of the text.

  • Exact: The exact size of the image that is sometimes required by Ad Exchanges. Adding creative with non-exact dimensions will prevent creative from bidding.

  • Optional: The icon images are not required in order to bid on the particular Ad Exchange.