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Tracking Spicyoffers Offers With Voluum

Voluum TRK Spicyoffers Tracking Integrations 

Spicyoffers is a Swiss-made affiliate program exclusively for hand-picked members only. They offer a selection of offers from, well, "spicy" verticals. Tracking their offers with Voluum requires only a minimal setup that shouldn't take you more than a few minutes.


First: sign up to Spicyoffers. Get approved. Become a part of the Spicyoffer team.

Second: have a Voluum account. Active and running. And with it, a little bit of knowledge of how to create a campaign funnel. Here, check the Getting Started guide.

Third: this one is optional. Enable an SSL certificate on your Voluum domain. This will allow you to have a fully secure campaign funnel and not to scare people with big "Non-secure" notification in their web browser. Read the Enabling SSL for a Dedicated Domain to learn more.

Fourth: read this guide.

I. Apply for an offer in Spicyoffers

Signing up to Spicyoffers is a start, but then you have to select an offer you are going to promote. In order to do that, do the following:

  1. In Spicyoffers, go to the Offers Marketplace tab.

  2. Once you have located an offer that interests you, click the Subscribe to offer button.

  3. Wait for your offer application to be approved.

  4. Once approved, click the Create link button in the Subscribed offers tab. The new pop-up window with the link builder settings will appear.

  5. In the pop-up window, provide a meaningful name for your link.

  6. In the Advanced parameters section switch the Click ID toggle on, and optionally, the Source ID toggle (if you want to pass information about which traffic source you are using to Spicyoffers).

  7. Provide the name of the Voluum click ID token in the Click ID text field.

    A click ID value, assigned by Voluum, is a unique string of numbers and letter that identifies a visitor's journey through your campaign funnel. If you want to track conversions, you must pass a click ID value to an affiliate network platform in an offer link that you are now building, so it can be passed back to Voluum in a postback URL when a conversion occurs. When Voluum receives this click ID value, it matches it with an original visit and increases a conversion count by 1.

    To quickly pass information between each other, servers use HTTP request parameters, that are a part of a request link. Parameters come in parameter_name_{token} pairs, where:

    • parameter_name describes a value that it passes and has to be recognizable by a target platform, Spicyoffers in this case. Spicyoffers uses clickid parameter name to get click ID values passed in tokens from a source platform.

    • {token} is an automatically replaceable placeholder that will be substituted with a concrete value when a request link is activated. Voluum uses the {clickid} token to store and pass a click ID value to an affiliate network platform. 

      You can also pass a static value instead of dynamic tokens, such as traffic source platform name, so it will be visible in Spicyoffers reporting system. In the following example, the MGID static value was provided as the name of a traffic source platform.

    If you want you can add additional parameters and pass more information to Spicyoffers. Basically, you can pass all Voluum tokens if need be. To do that, simply click the Add a custom token button below.

    Any tokens that you provide and match with Spicyoffers parameters will be visible in the tracking link above.

  8. Click the Copy link button to copy it to the clipboard.

  9. Make sure that the Postback toggle is switched on.

  10. Click the Update my link button.


You have successfully built a tracking link that you will use as an offer URL in Voluum. You can view and edit your links at any time by going to the My links tab in your Spicyoffers account.

II. Add an Offer from Spicyoffers to Voluum

You have obtained a tracking link with all parameters already configured from Spicyoffers. Now you need to submit it to an offer element in Voluum that you are going to create. To do that, perform the following steps:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Offers tab. The Offers view will appear.

  2. Click the New offer button. The New offer form will appear.

  3. Provide a meaningful name of your offer in the Offer name text field.

  4. Paste the tracking URL that you have created into the Offer URL. text field.

  5. In the Postback URL section select and copy to the clipboard only the name of your Voluum domain. You will use that domain to set up a postback in Spicyoffers in the third part of this guide.

  6. Click the Save button.


Once you have added an offer element to Voluum, you can go to Spicyoffers again and set up postback settings in the last step.

III. Set a Global Postback in Spicyoffers.

Adding an offer in Voluum allows you to direct your traffic towards this offer. But you want to know if you were successful, if your traffic is converting - and you want to see it in Voluum. To do that, you need to set a target that Spicyoffers will send information about a conversion. This target is known as a postback URL.

Luckily, Spicyoffers is integrated with Voluum in a way that allows you to skip most part of a manual setup. The only thing that you will be required to do is provide your Voluum domain name. One that you have copied to clipboard when adding an offer element. To set up postback settings in Spicyoffers, perform the following steps:

  1. In Spicyoffers, click the account icon and select the My account option from the drop-down menu.

  2. Go to the Global postback tab.

  3. Select the Voluum radio button from the list of trackers that are integrated with Spicyoffers.

  4. Paste the copied Voluum domain name into the Insert your Voluum postback domain text field. Do not add any parameters, protocol names - just the domain name.

  5. Click the Save button.


That is it. That was the whole setup. You can use the offer element that you have added to Voluum in your campaign funnel.