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Adding an Offer with a Postback URL

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It is quite straightforward to add the offer to Voluum. In the offer's form you paste a URL to your ad that you advertise over the Internet. The offer's URL might be sourced either from the affiliate network or it might be the link to a proprietary offer that you, for example, display on your website.

The purpose of this guide is to give you basic information on an offer's setup in Voluum where you track conversions within the postback URL.

In the offer's form you can find basic and advanced options that might be set depending on your business needs and what kind of information you would like to analyze in the offer's reports. To make it even more comprehensible you can find references to other articles that show different business aspects of adding the offer to Voluum.

I. Create an Offer Element in Voluum

In order to add the offer to Voluum platform, perform the following steps:


Voluum Note: Before starting adding the offer to Voluum, you need to have the offer URL accessible for quick reference.

  1. Sign in to Voluum.

  2. Go to Offers. The Offers view will show up.

  3. Click the New offer button. The New offer form will show up.

  4. Provide a unique name of your offer. The name of the offer in Voluum is based on the following pattern: {selected_affiliate_network} - {country_label or Global} - {your_unique_custom_name}.

  5. Provide the URL of your offer in the Offer URL field and append the corresponding tokens to a parameter within the offer URL. To be able to track conversions for your offer with a postback URL, you need to add the {clickid} token to the offer's URL with a corresponding parameter from the affiliate network.


    Voluum Note: One of the basic functionalities delivered by Voluum is tracking conversions. The conversion tracking method compatible with the offer will determine which parameters / tokens are required in the offer's URL. 

    To learn more about tracking methods in Voluum, go to the Tracking article.

  6. (Optional) If you want to associate the offer with a specific affiliate network, select it from the Affiliate network drop-down menu.

  7. You can track the payout either dynamically or manually:

    1. Auto: You need to select this option, if you have added a payout parameter to the postback or pixel URL. Tracking values are sent via a postback URL/pixel request.

    2. Manual: You can also provide a fixed amount in the field in the offer’s configuration. Every time the conversion is recorded, the amount will be added to a total payout sum.


      Voluum Info: To find out how to track payout for your offer, go to the Tracking Payout article.

  8. (Optional) If the offer is geo-specific, select the Country tag from the drop-down menu. This option is only used for organizational purposes and does not determine the traffic source geo-location in any way. If your offer is intended for multiple geos, use the Global option by leaving the Country tag field blank.

  9. To enhance search functionality, you can always add tags to the offer. Keep in mind that tags can only contain letters, numbers, and underscores.

  10. In the Conversion cap section turn on the toggle to activate the Conversion Cap feature.


    Voluum Info: This guide presents how to add a simple offer to Voluum, therefore it does not provide information on the Conversion Cap feature in Voluum.  If you are interested in using Conversion cap in Voluum, take a look at the below articles:

    • If an affiliate network limits you somehow with a number of conversions per offer, you can always set a conversion cap for the offer. To see how you can limit the number of conversion for a certain offer, go to the Handling Offers with a Conversion Cap guide.

    • If you have the offer that is temporarily unavailable and you need to redirect your traffic to the new offer, you can set the Daily cap limit to 0. As a result, all traffic will be immediately redirected to the redirect offer and your visitors will only see the redirect offer without the primary offer.

      To learn how to pause the offer temporarily, go to the Pausing Temporarily Unavailable Offers in Campaigns guide.

  11. Click the Save button. You have added the offer to Voluum.

II. Get the Postback URL

When you have added the offer to the Voluum platform, you need to define the postback URL that you are going to paste to the affiliate network. To do so, follow the steps:

  1. Go back to your offer in the Offers view and select it.

  2. Click the Edit button and and go to the Postback URL section.

  3. Click the Copy link in the Postback URL section.

  4. Paste the copied postback URL to any tool where you can edit and specify the URL parameters. You need to define the following parameters in the URL:


    Voluum Info: Keep in mind that the postback URL parameters should be replaced with the corresponding values defined by your affiliate network. To find that values you need to refer to the affiliate network documentation. If you want to use more than one affiliate network, you need to set up the postback URL for each of them.

    1. cid : This is a mandatory parameter used to record a conversion. It is dedicated to passing Voluum clickid.

    2. payout : This is an optional parameter used to pass the revenue amount per conversion.

    3. txid: This is an optional parameter that you can use to pass a unique transaction ID for each conversion.

  5. When you have defined all the parameters in the postback URL, paste the URL on the affiliate network side.

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