Ad Space ID

We know that the optimization process is a key factor on your way to achieve success with Native campaigns. Therefore, we introduced the most granular reporting metric and targeting option for you!

Ad Space ID will let you narrow down the inventory, to buy traffic exclusively from single ad placements that are the best possible fit for your campaign’s strategy.

What is Ad Space ID?

Ad Space ID is a unique identifier of a single ad placement applicable across in-app and website traffic. The below picture demonstrates how Ad Space IDs are located on the websites and inside the applications.


How to benefit from it?

You can now analyze the traffic performance on your campaign at the most granular level. To enter the Ad Space ID report:

  1. In Voluum, go to the Campaigns tab. The Campaigns view will show up.

  2. Select a campaign that you want to analyze.

  3. Click the Report button.

  4. In the specific Campaign report, click the Inventory category and select the Ad Space ID option from the drop-down menu.


While reviewing the results of each Ad Space ID, you can simultaneously optimize the campaign by either pausing the underperforming ad placements or by adjusting bids for the well-performing ad spaces.


Voluum DSP Note: To perform the optimization, make sure you have both reporting columns enabled: Status and Bid. For more information check the Micro-Bidding article.

Ad Space ID in the Online Advertising industry

There is no standard format across the Ad Exchanges and the programmatic industry. Some networks may not send us Ad Space ID information, hence we may not be able to deliver this data for some Ad Exchanges. In such cases, the Ad Space ID report will contain UNKNOWN value.

Other Networks send Ad space ID value in Widget ID value in bid requests. In such cases, Ad Space ID report will contain UNKNOWN value and ad space IDs will be presented under the Widget ID report.